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Nestled in the heart of one of the most desirable villages in Mykonos, Habitat Hotel sits blissfully within extraordinary natural scenery, overlooking Agios Stefanos village. It is a modern hideaway, a world of tempting adventures just begging to be explored, offering stunning views all round and a spectacular sunset.
This small and peaceful, 17 suites, adults only hotel is located in one of the best view spots on the island and it is set only 3 km from the town, 5 km from the airport and only 1 km for the new port.

The majestic view will cast a spell upon your heart and convince you that Mykonos is truly the stuff that dreams are made of. The turquoise beauty of the coast merging with the sun’s priceless canvas will provoke your senses and fill your eyes with its beauty. It is a stunning and breathtaking picture that comes to live like a vivid memory once experienced.

Kalafatis beach

Kalafatis beach is located 12 km in the southeast of Mykonos Town. It is a large, beautiful sandy beach and extremely popular among the windsurfers and families. It is an active beach and it is known for its water sports. You will find facilities from snorkel to diving, water ski, jet ski, wakeboard and tube rides. There is also a windsurf center. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available on the beach, but there is also a section without these facilities where you can enjoy the shade under the trees.

agrari beach mykonos
Agrari beach

Agrari beach is a spot of relaxation and calmness. It is located 8.5 km in the south of the town and next to Elia beach. It is a picturesque beach, clothing-optional, and faced by a traditional white chapel. The beach is of medium size for Mykonos standards, with deep-sea, gold sand and protected from the north winds making it perfect to enjoy your swimming. You will find there a restaurant, a beach bar and a big variety of water sports.

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Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis is considered being the most beautiful beach on the island’s south-west coast. It is a narrow, perfect for swimming and snorkeling beach and it is usually quieter and less crowded than the other major beaches on the island. It has soft sand and crystalline blue waters. From there, the visitors can enjoy an amazing view over the island of Delos. The beach is partly with umbrellas and sunbeds and partly without so you can choose.

Agios Sostis beach

Agios Sostis is among the quietest beach from the more popular southern coast, and therefore remains uncrowded and nudist friendly. In addition, it is a bit far from the popular southern beaches of Mykonos. This beach is an unspoiled area without any kind of amenities, a characteristic that creates to visitors a feeling of total freedom. The beach stretches for about 250 meters and visitors go down a small path to reach Agios Sostis. There is no bus connection available so you can only come here by car or motorbike where you can park on the road and then walk down the hill. On your way to the beach, you will see a hidden tavern to enjoy a lovely meal after a hot day. Another path will lead you to the Panormos beach.

kalo livadi
Kalo Livadi beach

Kalo Livadi is a place attracting a cosmopolitan crowd of all ages. It is one of the longest beaches in Mykonos and quite popular for the facilities and the parties. It is found between Kalafatis and Elia beach, located 11 km from the Town and 2 km from Ano Mera village. The vast beauty of the exotic waters and the idyllic setting mark the landscape of this beach. It is well-organized with many umbrellas and sundecks available for your comfort under the hot sun. It is the ideal destination for people who wish to spend some days away from the noisy crowd. Everyone can find space to lay their towel in the sand.

Paradise beach

Paradise is one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos, attracting mostly young crowds for its day and night beach parties .It is located in the south part of the island, 6km away from the town, between Super Paradise and Paraga Beach. It is one of the most famous spots of Mykonos since the hippie era. It is filled with bars and it has plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop for beach essentials. The beach bars and the clubs of Paradise host many parties and events in summer with special guests some worldwide-known DJs like David Guetta. Despite the wild clubbing, water sports are another good reason for visiting Paradise Beach. Some of the available water sports are water skiing and jet skiing, while there is a diving center too. Nudists are also frequent on Paradise Beach since they have their own “special” spot on the coast. Moreover, the famous Cavo Paradiso Club, which is a large night club venue containing a pool, a restaurant, and a beach bar, is located on a hill above the beach.

Ornos beach

Ornos beach is a trendy beach that is situated only 3.5 km south of town and is one of the closest beaches to the capital, with fine sand. It is a beautiful, touristic, well organized beach, and a choice for families. Visitors can find there good restaurants, bars, umbrellas with sunbeds and a variety of water sports. Furthermore, there are some supermarkets, a bakery, a pharmacy and some touristic shops. Ornos beach goes all the way from one side of the island to the windy bay- korfos beach on the other side.

Elia beach

Elia beach is the largest beach in the chain of beaches on the south coast of the island, with space for everyone. The crystal-clear water and the gold sand are always inviting. Elia beach is quiet and fully organized, offering a wide choice of restaurants, taverns, beach bars, sunbeds with umbrellas as well as water sports facilities such as water-skiing, parasailing, and windsurfing. Far end at the right side is the gay side where the clothing is optional. Everyone in this beautiful and long beach is very relaxed and in the Mykonian holiday mood.

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches of the island, filling with thousands of people during summer time attracted by the golden sand and the wonderful turquoise crystalline waters. It is a fully organized beach, with many hotels and restaurants, sunbeds with umbrellas, and water sports lined in front of the beach. This beach is also a convenient starting point to discover other beaches, on foot, or a water taxi.

Paraga beach

A relatively small beach, Paraga (often also spelled “Paranga”) is one of the island’s most popular, as it’ is located 6 km in the south of the town. It is one of the beaches originally made famous by the hippie generation back in the 70s. Set in a picturesque landscape, the restaurants and the modern beach bars including the most popular Scorpios beach bar and restaurant, help to create the ultimate vacation atmosphere. Paraga beach is the first in the chain of southern beaches which is tolerant of nude sunbathing. The fine sand, the rocks that are forming a natural divine platform, the restaurants under the trees, and the beach bars create a gorgeous summer scene.

panormos beach mykonos
Panormos Beach

This unique beach that is located on the north side of the island, has a fascinating view over the bay. Panormos beach, named after the wonderful bay, itself, has a fine long stretch of white and pale sand and crystal-clear waters. You will find there one of the best beach bars-Principote with a delightfully relaxed, and elegant atmosphere. Despite the upcoming popularity there is still plenty of beach remaining with no umbrellas and sunbeds. The beach is also nude bathing tolerant, mostly at the far-right end of it.

Psarou Beach

Psarou beach is one of the most popular and fashionable beaches in Mykonos, only 4.5 km far from the town. This outstanding and beautiful beach with the golden sand and the emerald waters meets its great glory in the decade of the 80s. In recent years it collects virtually all the celebrities and VIPs of the island and of the world who come to visit it every year. Exceptionally good organized beach with umbrellas, wooden sunbeds, and a big variety of water sports. Escape into the fancy restaurants, tavernas, and modern beach bars including the famous Nammos beach bar and restaurant, and create unique and unforgettable experiences. Because of its popularity in high season reservations in advance are highly recommended

Super Paradise beach

This popular beach credits its fame to Super Paradise which inaugurated the meaning of the beach-party since 1971. Clear, blue water, gold sand, perfect organization, bars, and discos are everything you need. One of the most beautiful beaches as well as the busiest beach on the island is set in a small but deep bay only 6 km far from the town. While you unwind your body on the sunbed and you sip some fruit cocktails, get ready for the party that starts in the mid-afternoon. In the Super Paradise disco- bar you will feel throughout the day the energy of the town’s nightlife.

Elia Beach with yellow sand on the Mykonos island, Cyclades in Greece
Agios Stefanos beach

Agios Stefanos beach is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos, on the west coast of the island, with unique views of Delos and Rhenia. Located in only 5 min walking distance from our Hotel and 3 km north of the town. The village and the beach took their name after the chapel on the beach that is built on the edge of the bay. It is a nice sheltered sandy beach, quiet, protected from the wind, with the best sunset overlooking Greece’s most important historical island, Delos. The beach offers a great variety of services such as restaurants and cafes. In addition, is regularly served by our complimentary shuttle bus service.

Kapari beach

Kapari Mykonos is one of the few unorganized beaches of Mykonos, located behind the lovely chapel of Agios Ioannis and not far from the town. It is a very calm and ideal for relaxing beach. This hidden beach was once a secret, but paradises are always eventually discovered, so in July and August it can get crowded. Outside those months it usually provides some seclusion for relaxing swims in clear waters.

Fokos beach

Fokos beach is located on the northern side of Mykonos island. Due to its long distance from the other southern beaches, it is very calm, even in high season. The sandy wild beach of Fokos has no tourist facilities, like umbrellas and sunbeds. There is only one tavern in the region, which is traditional in style and had delicious dishes. The beach is nudist-friendly, and it is a peaceful and natural spot on the island.

Ftelia beach

Ftelia beach is a beautiful beach, located on the northern side of the island and particularly famous among the windsurfers. It is a quite large and peaceful beach but remains nearly deserted due to frequent winds. The few people who make it here tend to be bohemians and windsurfers, who enjoy drinks, meals, and a wonderful view of the crystal-clear sea from the bar.

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