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  • Habitat Vision

Authentically Mykonian, Habitat Hotel is a brand-new suite hotel that offers warm Greek hospitality and the ultimate in simple, effortless charm. A sanctuary for the soul, the hotel’s location was chosen to appeal to discerning travelers looking for the perfect secret hideaway.

Habitat is where life feels different. The hotel’s concept is based on the unique combination of location, pure authentic Mykonian culture and modern unique bohemian style. Here, you will encounter a place of peace, originality, inspiration, spirituality and luxury all in harmony with nature. Surrounded by beautiful premises, Habitat is a true fairy tale setting, full of custom touches and attention to detail everywhere you turn.

All elements of nature are depicted through the property’s design, while the eclectic bohemian décor and the handmade furniture are in line with the natural environment in order to offer you the feeling of total relaxation. They offer a unique style and personality to the hotel, influenced by the island with beautiful touches of Cycladic authenticity.

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